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The filter files are the ones from bluetack.co.uk. Multiple files can be used. Overlapping ranges are merged automatically. Both incoming and outgoing connections are checked against the filter. Exclusions are not supported, so connection to/from IPs in all the loaded ranges will be disallowed and dropped.

Include “ip_filter=” directive in .rtorrent.rc. For example mine looks like:


It is probably a good idea to reload files once in a while, so you can also include “reload_ip_filter” directive on schedule to refresh the filter. The same files named in “ip_filter” will be reloaded.

schedule = filter,18:30:00,24:00:00,reload_ip_filter=


Automated handling of leechers and other uncooperative peers.

Adds the following commands: d.snub_leechers=snub_ratio,unsnub_ratio,min_transfer Snub peers (i.e. stop uploading to them) who download far more than they upload. They're snubbed when their ratio exceeds the snub_ratio, and unsnubbed when they drop below the unsnub_ratio again. For example, a snub_ratio of 10 means the peer gets snubbed if we send more than ten times the amount that we've received from them. Don't set snub_ratio too low, a value of 5-10 seems to work best. The first min_transfer bytes is uploaded for “free” without snubbing. d.unsnub_peers= Unsnub all snubbed peers, e.g. for use when the download is finished and we no longer have anything we want to download anyway. d.ban_slow_peers=min_seeds,min_rate,amount1,time1[,amount2,time2[,…]] Ban peers whose upload is too slow, for instance hacked peers, badly throttled connections or ISPs with excessive bandwidth shaping. This clears up the peer list and allows connecting to better peers, to prevent staying connected forever to peers that never send data. Always keeps at least the set min_peers for the download, and at least as many seeds as min_seeds as well as all peers currently sending at a rate of min_rate or above. A peer is too slow if after time1 has elapsed, it has sent less than amount1, or amount2 after time2, etc. d.unban_peers= Unban all peers, including those banned manually with shift-B.

Note that peers marked as friends (if you have applied that patch) will never be snubbed or banned by these commands.

There are also global “snub_leechers” and “ban_slow_peers” commands which take the same arguments and apply them to all unfinished downloads (except those set to ignore commands).

Note that the commands usually don't work well for poorly seeded torrents or those being seeded initially, then unreasonably many peers will be snubbed/banned. You should set the ignore_commands flag for such downloads, or avoid using the global commands and instead only apply the download-specific commands to the particular downloads that need them (e.g. using d.multicall on a custom view that only contains appropriate downloads).

Example: (this seems to work fine for a typical ADSL line)

schedule = snub_leechers,120,120,"snub_leechers=10,5,1M"
schedule = ban_slow_peers,120,120,"ban_slow_peers=5,2K,64K,5,128K,10,1M,30"
on_finished = unban,"d.unban_peers="
on_finished = unsnub,"d.unsnub_peers="

Snub peers after sending 1MB to them if they don't upload at least 1/10th in return. Unsnub them when they upload to a ratio of 1/5th, and when the download finishes.

Ban peers after 5 minutes unless they've uploaded less than 64KB, after 10 min and less than 128 K or after 30 min and under 1MB upload. Keep at least 5 seeds, and all peers currently uploading at 2KB/s or faster. Unban peers when the download finishes.




Set colors using the options below in .rtorrent.rc:

  • Options: done_fg_color, done_bg_color, active_fg_color, active_bg_color
  • Colors: 0 = black 1 = red 2 = green 3 = yellow 4 = blue 5 = magenta 6 = cyan 7 = white
done_fg_color = 1


modified interface with color support

  • added colors
  • torrent display shortened to 2 lines, better visibility
  • added peer count to main screen
  • better formatting on screen resize
  • other small tweaks to torrent infos

Links: AUR / Forum



Comments somehow dissapeared, so Ill just post them again

The rtorrent-vi.patch is a modification of askton's (I hope thats right) vi keys patch from the comments on the rtorrent-extended aur page. The difference being that it now uses both hjkl or arrows for scrolling where askton's only used hjkl.

The rtorrent-canvas-fix.patch is the same patch used in the rtorrent-color aur package.


hjkl or arrows = scroll
L = view log (was l)
K = disconnect peer (was k)

outdated/included patches


  • version: n/a
  • source: n/a
  • upstream: 2100
  • info: support for magnet uri (links)

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